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ISBN: 978-1-957746-05-0

Genre: Poetry

40 pages


Forgotten Hours draws from the mythic story of Endymion, lover of the moon who, by some accounts, put the young shepherd to sleep to preserve his youth. In the chapbook-length series, Zhang charts an oneiric movement through grief, memory, and time in search of reconciliation — with self and non-self, mortal and moon, poet and prisoner. 




"Aaron Zhang’s poems unfold along axes of presence and disappearance, through furrows of 'space engulfed in its own ether.' Desire, dream, memory, and sound are constellated, fluidly, through seascapes and half-existent rooms. There is both a tenderness and a 'cold passglass optic' entwining here, a drive toward intimacy often contained in departure, in standing back. Delicately, endless pearls emerge throughout, and yet: 'in the furnace of the bronzed dunes / the sky rang with the hammering.' Intensities accumulate and dissipate, refracted as much through bodies as through reference. This writing knows its poetic history, echoing and enlacing threads of Modernism and music under the 'bonelaid artifice of skies past.' In collisions and elisions of syntax, the electrical comes through. 'The sands reshape objects,' dexterous and dreaming. Both mindful and embodied, here is a beautiful new voice." Kevin Holden author of Pink Noise 



AARON ZHANG'S poems appear in The New York Times and Narrative. He is a senior at Lakeside School in Seattle, WA, and a rising first-year at Stanford University.

Forgotten Hours

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