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2025 Gasher Press Book Award

The 2025 Gasher Press Book Award is open to any writer based in the United States, regardless of publication history. The winner will receive $1,000 + Publication and 20 free copies.

open for submissions from July 10th - October 31st


  • ​​We accept poetry (hybrid works are welcome) books between 48-90pgs,excluding front and back matter.

  • Simultaneous submissions are okay. Please withdraw your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

  • Once work is submitted, it can not be revised or edited. If your submission is selected, you will have the opportunity to submit a revised manuscript at that time. Please do not email revised versions of the original works or attach revisions to your submission on Submittable. We will not consider it.

  • We only accept unpublished works. Sections previously published as a chapbook or individual poems are okay, but the manuscript as a whole should be unpublished. Self-publishing is considered published.

  • This is a blind screening. Do not include any identifying information on the manuscript, including the file name. 

  • Manuscripts must include a table of contents.

  • No images are drawings within the manuscript are permitted.

  • No preambles or bios in the manuscript.

  • Feel free to include an acknowledgements page.

  • Please include a bio and brief synopsis of the work in the designated fields on Submittable.

  • Submit as .pdf or .docx, 12pt font. 

  • This prize is open only to those who currently reside in the United States.



  • The prize will be judged by the Gasher Press staff. Each submission will be screened by at least two readers. From our semi-finalist pool, the editors will select a winner. 

Have more questions? Contact us at

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