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Book Review Guidelines

Gasher Press seeks to pursue a practice of reviewing books that spans beyond traditions of summary or standard valuation to more self-reflective, imaginative, and inquisitive exploration of reviewed collections in regards to genre, craft, and the writing community. Reviewers are encouraged to approach reviews as writers interested in what themes, strategies, and narrative devices challenge or build upon the reviewer’s own practices, relationships to writing, and understandings of the potentials/limitations of genre and craft— generating a more conversational, intimate review of the book rather than an authoritative evaluation.

Particular style elements that Gasher seeks in reviews include the following (among others):

· Personal narrative / relation of one’s own writing to the book reviewed.

· Questions of genre and canon related to the reviewed book.

· Investigation of writing practices and intention.

· Structure and literary elements effect on the reader’s ability to pursue the intentions of the text.

· A look to the future of craft and writing practices.

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