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Amanda Faye Martin

poem i wrote after absolutely murdering a bagel in public

sometimes I think I just want to be a thin woman who goes to a café alone

and shoves a bagel into her face

and strolls out to do important things

in a way that suggests eating is an afterthought

like it’s possible to be a woman who isn’t haunted

by her body

but anyway

is it bad if my religion is just like

thinking it’s ok to be sad

if you’re pretty?


poem i wrote after my boyfriend made me dinner

sometimes i question my sexuality

but then a tall white guy makes me potatoes for dinner

just like, plain potatoes

and i’m like

yeah, this does it for me

sometimes i think being a straight woman is just

preferring to always be a little disappointed


Amanda Faye Martin is a playwright, and occasional writer of poems, short stories, and satire. She is originally from the U.S., but resides in Dunedin, New Zealand. She is currently the Playwriting Fellow at the University of Otago.

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