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Jocelyn M. Ulevicus

Living Mirage, acrylic on paper, 22 x 29 inch

Out at Sea, acrylic on paper, 25 x 36 in

Sunset on the Pacific and the Secret Thrill of an Empty Belly, acrylic on paper, 25 x 36 in


Jocelyn M. Ulevicus has a background in Social Work, Psychology, and Public Health. Both her written and artwork is either forthcoming or published in magazines such as Hold in the Head Review, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts; Dewdrop, Oscilloscope, and Entropy Magazine. Ms. Ulevicus currently resides in Amsterdam and is finalizing her first book, a memoir, titled The Birth of A Tree, which was recently shortlisted for the Santa Fe Writer's Program 2019 Literary Award, judged by Carmen Maria Machado. In her spare time, she hunts for truth and beauty.

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