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Parker Shatkin

About the Art:

Flock is a series of photographs taken in 2019 of young women wearing papier maché pigeon heads. The photographs follow them as they get ready for a night out; putting on makeup, smoking a cigarette on the porch, getting out of the car, etc. This series explores group relationships as a herd mentality; the heads serve as a mask, the way putting on a face of makeup or dressing to fit the occasion may serve as a mask, but they also work to unify this group of young women with a common pursuit.



Parker Shatkin is an emerging artist and photographer who focuses first on the distortion of our physical world and then on the documentation aspect of it. Her work creates a reality similar to the one we live in yet slightly wrong -- it is both things we have seen before and things we will never see anywhere else. The documentation aspect is crucial to her work; by photographing or taping these unrealities they become real, and they are brought into our reality where they remain, in physical documentation and in our memory of it.

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