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Daisy St Sauveur

About the Artwork:

Daisy St. Sauveur works in screen print and acrylic to decontextualize a traditional medium into our technology-based society that is keen on receiving immediate gratification. She utilizes bright colors, abstraction, and recognizable symbols based on American pop culture. As an artist born into the first year of Generation Z, she wants her art to be extreme, intense, and memorable.

The things that define Daisy’s generation- pop culture, bright colors, technology, and partying- are, in fact, not fads but instead important concepts that continue to evolve in life today. St. Sauveur’s artwork poses the question: As we near a new decade of the 2020s, how do we continue to intertwine the old with the new?


Daisy St Sauveur is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist with a focus in printmaking and painting. She uses collage and mixed media to piece together a chaotic and colorful body of work centered on commercialism and nostalgia. Daisy is a 2019 printmaking graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She likes partying, humidity, and trashy magazines. She dislikes writing in the third person.

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