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Lily Kosmicki


an egg memory: the opposite of time is the sacred

we live in a disruption of signals, but

living in a pile of love is easy

all of life becomes a horde of ladybugs living eternally in a watering can

living in a pile of love disrupts the signals

hoarding the holy ladybugs, where is your watering can?

the holy signals disrupt the wait

the opposite of the sacred is also the opposite of love

the ladybugs in the watering can are signals

the spotted waist is where we wait

under the larvae spots are sentinels of sentiments

oozing yellow out of the knees, not poisonous

but it smells bad, and my uncle chicken says everyday is a heartache

little girls think we are funny (not ha, ha, but notable as in “funny how things work out”)

it is funny how a stinky yellow oozes out of our knees

a one-armed man who fished gave the ladybugs a sacagawea coin

the centennials of sentiment include what is funny

yellow ooze covers heartaches and coins

the centennials of sentiments under their spots contain heartaches

it is funny how things work out, oozing yellow out of the knees, having heartaches

rescuing pupae is worthy, but little girls still laugh

truth is always hiding in a round of applause

(not the ha, ha funny, but the slightly ill as in “my stomach felt funny”)

the little girls’ appendages remain unrendered

it is funny that the truth is, we are bugs, not ladies, ladycows, ladyflies, or ladybirds

each spot is a suffering of the virgin mary

because we congregated laughing we didn’t need to be saved or rendered

a worthy round of applause from little girls, uncle chicken tried to rescue us

little girls still laugh, becoming ladybugs

the opposite of time is the scarred memory


Lily Rose Kosmicki is a person, but sometimes feels like an alien in this world. She suspects she frequently experiences a form of hypergraphia and/or graphomania and she is obsessed with language and the body. She is working on translating years and years of notebooks into poetry, makes cut-up collage poem-paintings, and illustrates creatures with accompanying poems that are (sort-of) for children. By trade she is a librarian at the public library and by night she is a collector of dreams. Her zine Dream Zine recently won a Broken Pencil Zine Award for Best Art Zine 2018.

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