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Mia Tallboy

So this is my story, I was about to graduate high school, when I found out that my mom used all my saving for college to buy all these kinds of drugs and beer. Having my mother spend all my savings made me feel upset because that was the only way I could get into college. During my childhood, I grew up having an abusive mother and experiencing sexual harassment. Every night my mom would always bring men over to the house, the men would always harass me. I would always feel sad and scared knowing this happens every night. I tried telling my mom but she never believed me. Until one night she brought home a man again, he did the same thing to me but this time my mom saw and she got so upset she chased him out. That was the last night she ever brought home a man. So as the years went by she never brought home any one. She felt so bad that she used all my tuition money. So the next day she started looking for a job and she applied to a job that is really high paying. The next week they called her and they said she starts the next day. She told me she was going to start saving again for my college. The place I decided to go to college was University California Los Angeles. I chose this university because it seems like a good university and it has the position I want to major in. The thing I would like to major in is doctors degree. The day of my graduation came and I got my diploma. So when I got my diploma for finishing high school, I came home to a big letter in front of my porch it was from UCLA. I got so excited, I rushed inside and opened the big letter. The letter said “you have been accepted to University California Los Angeles”. I was so excited. I started school in the mid fall. But as the months went by my mom has been coming late at night, sneaking back inside. The months went by my mom finally told me that she had a boyfriend and they were both dropping me off during college. I felt uncomfortable because I don't know this guy and I thought to myself what if i don't like him, and all those bad memories that happened to me as a child was coming back. I started to think he was going to do the same thing to me. As soon as the mid fall came i started packing and i put my luggage into my new step dads truck that was the day I met him. He seemed so nice like he wasn't the kind of guys my mom brought home. As we were driving to California I got to know what my new step dad was like. I got to know him really good that I started to think he was going to be a good dad to me. Well they were driving he finally admitted that he was rich and he paid for her whole college tuition. I was so happy and surprised he did that. I asked my mom how they met, she just said “we met at a bar where he bought me a drink and after that we just been going on dates and hanging out, thats why I've been coming late at night, spending time with my boyfriend’. We got there and i gave him a big hug at the same time I was saying “Thank you”. I started class the very next week and I was excited about my new classes which also met new friends. I was so excited. So I was in math class which i thought was really hard but than cute boy helped me, after that he started tutoring me. As the months went by we became best friends to where people thought we were a couple. So one night he finally shot his shot and asked me out. I got way too excited because I'm dating my best friend. Thanks giving came along and he took me to his place to meet his family. His family was very nice, kind, and loving. They were so happy to see me, and meet me. So I spent my thanksgiving with my boyfriend side of the family. Christmas come along and i took home with me to meet my parents. We arrived and my parents were really excited that I brought my boyfriend home. I could tell that my parents liked him. I could tell because my parents said they approve of me dating him. We headed back to California. We started our second semester together with the same classes. The months went by with him it was our 8 month anniversary. He took me out to eat at an expensive restaurant. I heard some other good news that my step dad proposed to my mom. I was excited because it was on my 8 month anniversary. That summer was there wedding so I was excited to come home. So when the whole semester was over I went home with my boyfriend. I was excited to see my parents and my moms ring. We went to all these places with dresses and tuxedo. I got a dress and my boyfriend got a tuxedo. We were both matching. The wedding was the next month. As that month went by it was wedding day. Me and my boyfriend were so excited because we were going to match during the wedding. My boyfriend was asked to best man because my boyfriend became my dads best friend. That night was when me and my boyfriend went out to go eat and I saw an old friend back from high school. I introduced her to my boyfriend and she introduced her boyfriend to me. We both sat together, like a double date. When we were done we started packing again but than I got a text from my mom saying she was pregnant. I was excited to go home. I told my boyfriend and he said I'm so happy for you guys. So as we got home I went to see my mom and I went into her room to give her a hug. I was excited I was having a brother/sister. The next week she went to the hospital to check what the sex was. The doctors said she was having a boy. So that is the end of my story.


Mia was born on May 29, 2003. She has 3 siblings she grew up with and she lives in Rock Point, Arizona. She enjoys going to the recreational center and going to the Hill during her free time. She also enjoys spending time with her family. She got accepted to the UPWARD BOUND program so this is her first summer being away from home.

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