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Laikyn Manheimer


Melody for the remedy for doing what we want

Everything is dependent on you for your own opinions

Stand up for yourself, for the things you think are right, and what you want

Put yourself in a good vibe position

Treat people the way you want to be treated, as a need

Respect is the key

Some people don’t have respect and they need that in them indeed

This is something truly agreed

If you have it somewhere in you with respect you can actually succeed

It is in the O.U.R F.I.R.E

This is something to remember and admire

We all lit and we are afire

It’s a shine of sunfire

Blooming in to the backfire

All you can do is try

Honestly something to qualify

Because you are fly

See it in your minds eye


All In You

You are you

Don’t change for anyone just be you

It can all pursue

All you gotta do is pull through

Be you and that is true

Shine bright inside and out

That’s all it’s about

Have no doubt

Follow your heart

Even though you're falling out

Just blossom out

There’s always a way

Don’t throw it away

The mind is something to replay

But not lock away

Unless we forget about it and let it die away

There’s always another day

The solar way

The big bang is happening right now and we are being pulled away

Live life to the fullest in your way

Everybody dies someday

So let’s express someway


Laikyn Manheimer was born in Monticello, Utah. She likes to do is skateboard, cook, and read, and write poetry. This coming school year she’s going to be a sophomore. Right now she lives with her older sister, two brothers, and her sister’s boyfriend. She is very grateful for them to be in her life. Laikyn thinks she doesn’t know she would do without them.

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