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Autumn Smith


A delicate flower,

she blossomed into a beautiful rose,

caring and loving.

Hard times have brought her down.

But she always stands back up; tall and mighty.

A beautiful rose left standing after a hurricane.


A wonderful person I shall thank for many years to come.


Thankful for all she does, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Truly wanting the best and loving me unconditionally.

Not all moms are like that, so I thank her.

You’re my heart and soul,

I love you.



What the fuck is love, how do you define that.


That’s what it was to him, an invite for a booty call.

That’s what they call love?

Frankly, I want no part in that.

They say love is suppose to be cute, and full of happiness.

Or at least that’s what he told me.

Love, you mean lust?

Lust goes to dust.

Dust that runs straight through your fingers.

He says love is filled by a desire for sex,

But what the fuck does sex have to do with love.

When you love someone, truly love someone.

It’s nothing about their package.

It’s what’s inside the package of their soul.

You see their flaws and find the beauty.

That’s love.


Autumn Smith was born and raised in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. She is from the Cherokee Nation tribe and is also Persian. She has lived in Ignacio, Colorado for almost four years now. She is currently 16 years old. She loves spending time with family and visiting home to see her loved ones. Autumn hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, sports, and makeup. Autumn loves to make people laugh, put a smile on their face.

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