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Ashanti John

Lacey and the Championship Game

It was the day of the volleyball championship game and Lacey was excited yet very nervous. She was excited because it was the first time in ten years that her school’s volleyball team made it to the championship game. But she was also very nervous because she was one of the starting six and she didn’t want to let her team down. She was very good at this one sport and she had the whole summer to prepare with her older sister Katie who is also going to be playing with her in the game. Together they can be very competitive and they always work as a team. Lacey was never really interested in sports only because she was very shy. At first Lacey was so excited to be playing with her older sister, but she started to overthink everything and she became so nervous thinking about how she could mess everything up.

Lacey was so nervous that she needed to go into the locker room before the game would start to calm herself down. While she was sitting in the locker room she started thinking about how she is prepared and how she made it far enough to where she’s playing in the championship game. At first Lacey knew very little but throughout the summer Katie taught her almost everything there is to know about volleyball. Katie started with the basics like how the court would be set up and how the team has to communicate at all times. Katie taught her sister a lot and Lacey had learned more and more, soon enough the school year came around and she tried out for volleyball. Lacey just went by some of the things Katie had taught her and during tryouts she learned that she wasn’t very good at spiking but she was a great setter and that’s exactly what the coach was looking for.

Finally, Lacey snapped out of it and remembered the game was supposed to start in a bit, but she wasn’t so sure if she wanted to play now. Until Katie found her in the locker rooms to tell her that the game was about to start and that’s when Lacey explained how nervous and scared she was. Katie started talking to Lacey about how everyone gets nervous before something big is about to happen. As Katie was talking about how nervous she gets before every game Lacey knew that being nervous was very common for everybody and that it really isn’t a big deal. The coach then came in to tell the two that the game was about to start so they both gave each other a big warm hug and Katie told Lacey that everything was going to be good.

The game started and Lacey was placed right next to Katie because she could set the ball and Katie was a great hitter. In the beginning of the game Lacey was doing a great job and realized that it wasn’t that bad after all and as soon as she wasn’t so nervous anymore she put all her effort into the game. They had been doing so good that they had won the first two sets meaning they had won two games out of five and the other team had won two games as well. During the fifth set Lacey had to sit out while her sister kept playing and every time the ball would come close to hitting the floor she would stand up and yell for her teammates. The game had gotten so intense that the coach had to put her back in when they were down by two.

Lacey and her sister were running all around the court trying to keep the ball up. But after one girl hit the ball it went straight to the middle of the court and Lacey wasn’t about to just let the ball hit the floor so she dived for the ball, sadly the ball missed her hand by at least an inch and so the other team scored another point. Leaving the other team with only one point from winning the game the girls started encouraging each other about every little thing they did. But Katie became so frustrated that she would huddle up with her teammates every chance she got and she would encourage her team and give them tips about what to do. Then all of a sudden the other team had spiked it and Lacey jumped up to block the spike but she missed, so her sister dived for the ball but she missed too. The game had ended with a score of fifteen to thirteen. Katie just lied there with nothing to say and tears rolling down the side of her cheek. Lacey didn’t know how to feel at all so they all gathered around Katie and gave her a big hug soon most of the girls were crying.

Lacey, Katie, and the team were so sad that they all just went into the locker room. In the locker room there was nothing but multiple girls crying. Their coach started talking about how good they did and that they shouldn’t focus on the negative things so the coach had promised them that they would watch a movie as a team after. So when they were finished crying they went back into the gym and took a picture with their runner-up banner. The team went back into the locker room and all the girls started to encourage each other about all the good things that happened during the game. After their coach was done talking they started talking and laughing about some of the mistakes they made and soon enough they were all talking about basketball season and how they were going to all play together again. In the end they were happy that they would be able to do something together and that they at least made it to the championship game.


Ashanti is only 15 years old and she doesn’t write about realistic events very often. She is more interested in writing about made-up fictional characters and things that wouldn’t ordinarily happen or appear in the real world. She does not really like writing but when she is assigned something she does her best to finish it. Ashanti doesn’t plan on being a writer but she does want to help out the community she is from which is Pine Hill in the state of New Mexico.

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