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Afalanda Henio

Everyday you may find yourself daydreaming here and there. There is a time when you plainly dream, every night. Some people depend on their dreams, to determine that they have dreams of something with deep meanings, one night, a girl name Alisha dreamt about her crush. In her dream she’s at school and the bell rings, she hurries up and runs to her locker to open it, she searches for her chemistry book. She finds it, holding the book in the grasp of her hands, scurrying off once in her clutch, her bag strap then begins to slip off her shoulder, she looks to pull it back up as she continues to run. The corner of the wall comes into view, while running still, she runs into her crush they both bump foreheads at the sudden collision.

“Excuse me, Are you okay?” he says.

Alisha replies. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

He helps her up, Alisha looks up and stares unknowingly of her actions, continuing her strong gaze on him, he smiles and asks a question, smirking.

“I’m sorry, were you in a rush? To class or something?” She smiles and makes eye contact with him, she then breaks it away, to suddenly look back at him, again.

“Yeah, Sorry, I was in a rush to class.” she says, as he simply continues to smile, shying from his behavior.

He speaks, “Sorry, um ...I’m Alex,” he crosses his arms, awkwardly.

“Oh, you’re in Chemistry with me, right?” Alisha blushes to a noticeable pink tone.

“Yeah! you’re Alisha.” he brushes the hair away from his eyes with his fingers from the sudden nervousness.

“Yeah, I’m Alisha,” Alisha avoids any possible contact visible to the eyes.

“Alisha, can I tell you something?” he asks walking towards her and lifts her face up carefully slow.

Alisha’s dream abruptly ends…. The sound of her alarms clock wakes her up, she tries to force herself back to sleep. But she couldn’t, three minutes later, her mother calls out her name, It was the weekend she remembered. Her father left to a business trip, her mother’s leaving off to work, so Alisha is left at home alone. After her mother left, Alisha enjoyed her breakfast, she cleaned after herself and got ready.

Once she sat down and turned on the television, she hears the doorbell ring, she walks toward the door to answer it. It was her friend, Megan, who walked right inside and made sure there was no one in the house with Alisha. She grabbed Alisha and as she’s holding onto her, she got her purse and keys, Alisha was lost, they then get into her friends car, they drove to her friend’s house. Her friend hurried and ran inside, Alisha followed by will, as she walks inside her house, Alisha was more confused. Her friend pulls her to the living room, Alisha asks, “Megan, are you okay?”

Megan sighed and said, “I know…That you liked Alex, and I need to tell you something.”

Alisha thought to herself already knowing that Megan and Alex were dating, but she wasn’t sure if that was the whole point of knowing the truth.

“What is it, Megan?” Alisha grows impatient by the ticking seconds of the current situation, Megan gave her a look of worriedness and automatically begins to stutter before speaking clearly again.

“Alisha, I don’t know how to tell you this. I’ve been…” Megan dramatically sigh giving more of a discomfortion to Alisha. “I’ve been dating Alex.” Megan finally says, making Alisha’s feelings hurt by the confrontation.

“Oh my gosh! What? I trusted you with this, knowing that you wouldn’t date my crush, you know I had a crush on him since 6th grade.”

Megan said, “ I know. I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You’re a backstabber, Megan, I trusted you, but you clearly broke that. How come you didn’t tell me? Since when exactly did you both begin dating, huh?!”

“Alisha, I’m Sor…” Alisha interrupted Megan and she started crying.

“Megan, I can’t trust you no more.” Alisha said having Megan to have teary eyes.

Alisha runs out the door with Megan following her, slamming the door loudly in front of her. Megan finally begins to break down into tears to when her eyes become puffy and red, Alisha ran all the way to the close store and went into the restroom. Her makeup smudged from her face, streaking her cheeks she then began to wash off her makeup. After she was done, she found that she was lucky to have her makeup with her as a backup, and so she putted it back on. Alisha walks out the restroom to stroll in the beverage isles, in the reflection of the glass doors, she begins to recognize a person behind her. It was her crush, Alex, she suddenly turns into a happy state of mind and she could literally feel her cheeks heat up from the blood rushing from the nervousness she built up. But, then she realize how much her friend hurted her, that it also involved him, she looks away, to quickly walk to checkout.

Alex was behind her and she didn’t know until Alex said her name, calmly. “Alisha, is that you?” Alisha looks back at him to only realize what she was wearing, shortcuts, something she thought was an unusual outfit to be seen in, she becomes shy.

“Yeah, It’s me.”

“I knew I recognized you! Well, from behind.” He said as he didn’t know what to say, Alisha turns away to only have her to checkout, before leaving she says, “Well, Laters Alex.” With a genuine smile, Alex only waves back, Alisha then decides to pull out her headphones and listen to music. She begins to walk to home that was a few miles from the store, Alex sees her and thinks to himself: Why is she walking? Should I just give her a ride? Questions he threw at himself, he finally decides to pull over, he asks, “Do you want a ride home?”

Alisha takes her earphones out to only respond in non-realization to his presence, “What?” Alex repeats himself. Alisha nods her head positively to get inside his car, Alex turned the current music up, they sat in quietness of any conversation for a while. Alisha was nervous, Alex then asks, “Alisha, where do you live?”

“Just right over there, turn left and it’s the 3rd one to the last house.” He followed her directions, Alisha forgets about her friend dating him in the process of spending so little time with him. Alex pulls over at her houses driveway, he turns the vehicles engine off.

“Well, see you later! Thank you, Alex for driving me home.” Alisha says as she struggles to not blush. Alex held her back at the slight grab of her hand, Alisha gets confused by the small touch to not leave just yet, she closes the door.

“Alisha, I’ve been trying to tell you this.” he says with admiration in his voice, Alisha could practically her heart beating fast. “I’ve been wanting to tell you that I…”

Alisha cuts him off to say, “I know you’re with my friend, I don’t need to know about you and Megan.”

“Alisha, you don’t understand.”

“Understand what? Hmm? That Megan is more prettier, that she is caring and more of an understandable person?”

“Ha, nooo, Alisha it’s not that.”

“Well, Alex….” Alisha tries to contemplate, but in a matter of seconds Alisha felt warm lips press against hers, Alex kissed Alisha as he cut her words off. The feeling of a big pressure off Alisha’s chest was a release, she then continues to kiss Alex back to enforce the reliefness, but Alisha realizes that she was kissing her friend’s boyfriend and that it wasn’t right. She stops him to act like she didn’t care, also for the kiss they shared to be worthless. Which, she saw had hurt his feelings, it hurt hers, too.

“I don’t know why, I kissed you back.” she says, her breath increasing from the kiss she knew didn’t want to end.

“Alisha, I know I hurted your feelings.” Alex replies.

“Alex, I have to go, bye.” As she gets out the car, Alex hurries to get out also to see her run across her front lawn half way, he didn’t bother to close the door right after him. He suddenly yells out to her.


Alisha pauses and replies back to him to say, “Alex, I want to believe you, but I can’t.” She continues to run inside and into her bedroom to cry. Alex waited outside for a while, he thought to himself, doesn’t she know I like her? Why is she like this? What did I do wrong? Was I not good enough for her? What did I do wrong? As he kept thinking he got in his car on his way home, he then saw his parents coming home from their anniversary, he remembered. He thought to come up with an idea to ask his parents to sleepover at his friends house, waiting outside, he walk inside the mansion known as his home to up stairs of his house. He walk over to his parents room, he knocks on the door.

“Come in, Alex.” he hears from the otherside of the wooden black door, Alex opens the door to enter and ask, “Mom, Dad Is it alright If I can sleep over at my friends house?” he leans on the frame of the door.

“Who’s your friend, Alex?” his dad replied, Alex’s dad pretends to not know the person Alex friends with.

“Dad. It’s Jason.” sarcastically Alex says to his dad.

“Oh, him. Yeah, you can. Just be back Sunday night or…” He chuckles and then turn to his wife,

“Honey, when are we going to Hawaii?”

“Oh, We are leaving tomorrow and we will be back next week. Alex, I’m going to leave the keys with you.” His mother said. Her hands on her hips as she has a robe on with a towel on her head.

Alex just nodded and he got the keys from his mother. He cross his arms. He was going to walk out, until his mother said his name.

“Alex?” Alex walked back in the room.

“Alex, We will call you, and you better be good, and no one inside the house except you and your friends, Got me?” As his mother finger was in front of his face.

He look at her finger and said, “ Got it. So, I’m going to leave now.”

Alex walk out his parents room, and went to his room. He open his door, he went to his closet. He got his Nike bag out and he saw this notes fall out of it. He put his bag on the bed. He walk over then, pick up the note and it said:

March 03, 2014


I know we only been friends for a while, but I want to know you more. Well, Alisha has a crush on you and so do I. I do like your style, your personality, your hair. I do like everything you do and Your voice just melts my heart away. Well, I hope didn’t ruin our friendship deal. I have more to say, but I can’t explain it right.Okay, well laters!

Love, Megan.

Alex crumbles it up and threw any random clothes in his bag, and walk out. As he got to his car, Megan stops him as she calls his name, “ Alex.” Alex stop and stood. He sat on his car with the duffle bag in his hands and he just putted his other hand in his sweatpants. Megan walk closer to him and she came from beside his house.

Megan was going to talk but, Alex said, “ Why did you tell Alisha? I wanted to tell her myself.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking at the time.”

“You know what, Megan” Megan look up as she was holding her hands up.

“Megan, I don’t want to be with you, no more.”

“Why? Is it because I told Alisha?” As Megan got mad and let go of her hands go into seperate ways.

“Megan, It is not because of that.” He said as he got up and threw his bag on the passenger side.

“What, then?” Megan said, as she gave up.

Alex brush his hair through his fingers. As if his curls came out and his hands out of his pocket,

“Megan, I like Alisha. Since the day she transferred over to the school. That moment she walk in. Her jean jacket with the white blouse tank. Her tights with the sandals. I fell in love with her since that day.” As he got off the hood and looks at her.

“Alex, Why didn’t tell me from day one? Isn’t that the reason why you didn’t want to kiss me when I tried to?” As if she is going to break into tears.

“Megan, I’m sorry but we’re through. I can drop you off since you live a couple miles away.”

Megan tears began to fall down, as she tried to hold it in. Alex open the door for Megan, She got in. After she got in, he close the door after her. They drove over to Megans house. The music began to play and continue to play.When, they got to Megan’s house. Alex and Megan saw Alisha.

“Lisha, what are you doing here?” Megan asked.

“Ah, Megan.” Alisha just saw Megan, and she saw Alex head pop out of the car. Alisha went to sadness.

“Megan, I came just to drop off the things that you gave me.” Alisha just hugged Megan. Then, she ran off. Alex hurried up and got in the car. Alex saw Alisha on the side of the road. She saw Jason house and she ran to Jason door. Alex found Alisha. She walk into Jason house. Alex waited outside for while. He got his duffle bag and walk towards Jason door. Alex knock on the door. Then, Alisha open the door, and shutted the door on his face and ran upstairs.

“Alisha, are you okay?” Jason yelled as he reached for the door. He saw Alex and he let him in. Alex thought he was just tripping out. Alex had never met Jason side of family before, So he doesn’t know that Alisha is his sister. Until, she came down, Alex was in the kitchen pooring himself some orange juice. He heard crying, and he recognize Alisha voice. Alex slowly moves towards the living room area.

“I told Alex to drop me off at aunties house. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. He said he had a crush on me. I don’t know why, I push him away? Jay, what did I so wrong?”

“ Alisha?” As he was slowly hugging her and he saw Alex looking.

“Jayy, I don’t know why he dated my friend? He was dating her for i don’t know how long?”

“ Alisha, what if I told you Alex was here?” Alisha sniff and inhaled. Slowly her tears rolling down.

“ If Alex was here, I would tell him That I like him since the day I walk in the classroom. Alex was in his red shirt with a black tie with with a black pants. I thought, We would talk. But we didn’t. Damn, Jayy I keep choosing the wrong guy. I don’t know I think I should go to my room.”

“Alisha?” Alex said.

“ Nice try, Jayy.” Alisha said as she look sideways to see her brother on her side of the eye.

“ Alisha?, I had a crush on you too, when you walk in through that door.” He said as he was holding his orange juice.

“ Alex, what are you doing here?” As she tried to hold in her tears. She cross her arms as she had her white see through shirt.

“ Alisha, Alex didn’t know that you were my sister.” Her brother said, Alisha look at her brother. One side of her cheek a tear rolled down her face, and she just walk up with a blink. Alex ran after her, and he stop her at the stairs.

“ What do you want from me Alex?” Alex was holding her wrist as one leg is up the stairway.

Alex sighed and said, “ Alisha, Just give me this chance. I really liked you. You just didn’t give me this chance.”

“What chance, Alex?”

“ Alisha, the only reason I got with Megan is to get closer to you.”

“ Alex, I don’t know why I’m mad? You didn’t know I had a crush on you, Until now. I know you want to be with me. I liked you, Alex. But, I just didn’t want to express my feeling out to you. Alex, right now is the time. I don’t want to hear your excuses.”

“Alisha just listen to what I have to say.” He let go of her wrist, and she walked towards the wall, and he just lean against the rail.”

“ Alisha, I liked you ever since you walked into the classroom, I knew from that moment that you would be the one for me. “

“Alex, how did you know I was the one for you? I mean, Most of the guys says that and they all…”

Alex shut his eyes for a while and he just….


Afalanda Henio is from PineHill, New Mexico. She is Native American, and she is 15 years old. She thinks that writing a short story is hard, and that you've got to be creative with all of the ideas of the story. Afalanda liked her Advance Creative Writing class because she gets to write her own story. She also likes to play acoustic guitar and listen to her own kind of music.

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