This book is scheduled to release in March 2023.






Grounded in the landscapes of Indiana and the midwest region, WHERE THE LIGHT FEEDS is a lyric meditation on ecology, elegy, heartache, and homecoming. Formally and substantively, these poems insist that patient attention—to the world, each other, and language–enacts the kind of faith that helps people stay. Across these poems, a lyric I and lyric you move through regional geographies and inner terrains of memory, grief, and fear—ever in search of a softer ontology. With a sharpening focus on language and image, the poems in this collection usher their inhabitants into a more inhabitable world.


SUSANNAH LODGE-RIGAL is a poet and educator based in Berkeley, California. Raised in Bloomington, Indiana, she received a B.A. from Knox College and M.F.A. from Colorado State University, where she was awarded the 2019 Academy of American Poets University Prize. Susannah's work has appeared in Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Seneca Review, and elsewhere.