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Poetry; Chapbook

ISBN: 978-1-957746-09-8

p. 44


In what could be read as a non-linear sequel to the previous chapbook, A Dynamic Range Of Various Designs For Quiet, Bettinger's newest collection can be experienced as a further meditation on location and escape. Where the preceding chapbook was located in the narrator’s internal monolog while sequestered on the moon, this installment takes place in the vestiges of travel — to and from our loves and regrets, unknown encounters with ubiquitous ghosts, the funereal struggles of modern architecture, celebrity, fatigue, and even a litany of events that occur in one’s mouth. Noticeably, it is also immediately grounded in its very physical locations; In The Pool At The Motel On The Interstate. While this may or may not be the same speaker, they do seem to inhabit some of the same uncertainties and catastrophic interludes that transpire in the prior account. Join us on this road trip?


JOSH BETTINGER is the author of the chapbooks A Dynamic Range Of Various Designs For Quiet (2019), and In The Pool At The Motel On The Interstate (2023) both from GASHER. Random publications include Handsome Poetry, SLICE, flock, Columbia Journal, Atlas Review, Crazyhorse, and Boston Review, among others. He lives in Northern California with his family.

In The Pool At The Motel On The Interstate

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