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from Keith Jones's introduction to the issue: 


I want to propose at the outset, and by way of provocation, that the ekphrastic has no fixed or absolute temporal location in relation to the artwork to which it is, aesthetically and ontologically, a purported "response." Neither behind nor ahead, the artwork, in its ekphrastic encounter, appears radically present, at once manifest and latent, a conjuring the poem is only ever proximate to but through which a new sensuousness of thought and feel emerges in the care between. There is a reaching out reached toward that the ekphrastic as a poetic mode gathers, transcribes, testifies to, deviates from - outside itself and intimately.


AFTER introduces a new wave of ekphrastic writings and art in search of what the tradition might offer to our current artistic concerns and interests as well as highlight the innovative approaches to the tradition. 


Featuring the work of: 

Jeffrey Yang

Lucy Zhang

Kate Partridge

Saturn Browne

Christopher Williams

Dabin Jeong

Tony Manus

Jimin Seo

Jess Smith

Al-Qawi Nanavati

Anne Quinn

Benjamin Niespodziany

Merridawn Duckler

Jeffrey Boruszak

Kylie Gellatly

Varun U. Shetty

Chrissy Martin

Laniesha Brown

G Gillespie

Emma Aylor

AFTER: A Collection of Ekphrastic Writing and Art

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