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Zaam Arif



Zaam Arif is an American-Pakistani contemporary artist residing and working in Houston, Texas. Zaam is currently pursuing his BFA in Design but has been an apprentice of his father, AQ Arif - an award winning artist, for several years.

Zaam Arif explores existentialist experiences of the layman, the experiences that we tend to hide. He confronts it with a penetrating interpretation of the human nature, transforming it into a visceral reality. His work is a manifestation of his understanding of the contemporary human condition along with insights garnered from his study of classical literary giants such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Kafka, etc.

He is adamant in exploring the harsher truths and inner conflicts that plague us all, in this day and age, using visual contrast in all his pieces, whether through colour, lack thereof or the medium itself, to express it.

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