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Matthew Klane

As a poet, appropriation and collage has always been my primary mode. Distilling and transforming text. Layering and arranging text. My poetic interests have also leaned towards the visual arts: typography, page-space, dirty minimalism.

These junkmail collages were intended as a daily practice. Use only what falls through the mail slot. Be attentive to the rips and stains and bruises the paper incurred in its travels. Listen to the bright solicitous words and offer something in return.

I’ve made 100 8x10 inch pieces: line and color studies, whimsical juxtapositions, visual puns, cut-up poems. This selection of 6 images represents a particular cross-section of the collection’s aesthetic and emotional range.

(Great Grate)


(The Wow Factor)


(Three Deliveries)

(Plus Minus)


Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press. His books include Canyons (w/ James Belflower, Flim Forum, 2016), Che (Stockport Flats, 2013) and B (Stockport Flats, 2008). An e-chapbook from Of the Day is online at Delete Press and an e-book My is online at Fence Digital. Recent collaborations w/ Justin Edward Moore are online or forthcoming from Gramma, Word for / Word, Reality Beach, and Small Po[r]tions. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY, where he curates The REV Poetry Series and teaches at Russell Sage College. See:

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