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Audrey Molloy

Manufacturing Site (2016-ongoing)

Displacement, or a dissociation from place, occurs when the thinking self and physical self become estranged. This inability to feel “located” is conditional for a contemporary experience of daily life, where the negotiation of real and temporal spaces is constantly in flux.

Conscious of the limitations and constructs that contemporary photography presents, Manufacturing Site (2017) parses the psychological and formal tendencies of the medium to construct hyper-realized environments, disclose digital fallacies, and disrupt authentic spaces, as a method to engage psychological and physical separation.

Manufacturing Site (2016)

Manufacturing Site (2016)

Madonna (2016)

Pools (2017)

Blind Gesture (2016)


Audrey Molloy (b. Würzburg, Germany 1993) is an arts writer, photographer, and visual educator. She received her B.F.A. in Photography from the University of Arizona in 2015. She was recently selected as a 2017 Art Publishing Resident with Art Practical + c3initiative (San Fransisco; Portland) and a 2016 Artist In Residence at Pump Project (Austin). Interested in the limitations and constructs that contemporary photography presents psychologically and formally, her work engages themes of medium specificity, digital fallacy, and postmodern narratives. Often, Audrey employs short prose as image equivalencies, digital “flatness” as a stylistic motif, and reductive digital editing in her work.

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