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The Featured Artist Series is in partnership with Gasher Journal's forthcoming print issue, AFTER: A Collection of Ekphrastic Writing and Art. 


Each month, we will feature an artist here and invite writers to submit creative writing in reaction to the art showcased. Select ekphrastic writings will be featured alongside the art at the gallery showcase at the Ana Mendieta Gallery at The University of Iowa May 6th - May 18th.

Submit creative responses to the featured artist's work to PRESS @ GASHERJOURNAL . C O M with the Subject line listing the month and genre. For example: MAY_Poetry.


Previous months:

January_Amy Pleasant

November_Colleen Toledano

October_Jennifer Ling Datchuk

September_Laura Benson

August _ Padyn Humble

July _ Audrey An

June _ Emily Llamazales


Riffel_headshot4 copy.JPG
February Artist: Lucia Riffel

Lucia Riffel is an installation and animation artist based in Tallahassee, Florida. Riffel earned their Bachelor of Arts (2015) in Studio Art and Art History at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and their Master of Fine Arts (2018) at Florida State University. She navigates the space between physical, digital, and psychological realms in her interdisciplinary practice. Their otherworldly works have been shown at Day & Night Projects, Urban Glass, Campbellsville University, and Dream Clinic Project Space. Riffel is a National Endowment for the Arts 2022 grant recipient and has been awarded residencies at Bunker Projects, Laboratory Residency, Stay Home Gallery, and Drum Machine Editions. In recent years, Riffel's works have graced our minds and screens through solo exhibition The Eternal Present at Tempus Projects, virtual exhibition screensavor at The Neon Heater, and IRL exhibition Waiting Room at Laundromat Art Space in Miami, Florida.

About the art:

"My work leads one to the place between their mind and their screen, between space and time, between thought and feeling, and into the everyday sublime. I create spaces in-screen and in-real-life that mix the surreal, cinematic, and commonplace through 3D animation and installation. Looping slowly yet infinitely, these spaces allow one to look through the mirror of the screen and enter a meditative headspace beyond as well as within. The post-internet culture of distraction leads our minds to occupy themselves in any way except internally - my work utilizes these same experiential stimuli to awaken interiority in a suspended metaphysical twilight zone."

vermillion, 2022 

3D animation


parallax & percept (install view), 2021

3D animation, wood, chairs, monitors


parallax & percept (parallax animation still), 2021

3D animation, wood, chairs, monitors



lull, 2022

3D animation, foam, pillows, acrylic fans

40'x30' area

lull, 2022

3D animation​

balance suspended, 2023

3D animation


balance suspended (installation view), 2023

3D animation, foam, pillows

10'x10' area

halcyon, 2022

3D animation


halcyon (installation view), 2022

3D animation, foam, pillows, acrylic fans

2 6' x 11' areas

waiting, 2021

3D animation

tranquility, 2022

3D animation

float, 2020

3D animation

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