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Poetry Chapbook 

p. 38

ISBN 978-1-957746-16-6


The Storm

I want to get up and walk around in the dark
And I want to fall asleep and never get up
I want a piano and for someone to play it
For someone to knock on my door and say
When the music falls in love with itself
Everything is improvised. I’m afraid
I’ll always feel this way regardless
Of the city or its proximity to water
Where a great procession of rubber duckies
Moves towards us through our darkest ocean
The wasps in the window have found the perfect window
They’re about to break the world’s largest wishbone
And everything is trying to go inside
Especially the rain especially the rain


Jasmine Dreame Wagner's writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Bennington Review, BOMB Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Joyland, LA Review of Books, and Michigan Quarterly Review. Her third poetry collection is forthcoming from Omnidawn Publishing.

Cold Spring

Expected August 2024
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