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Aurelie Crisetig

About the Art:

Faded memories represent the fragility of human memory in a world surrounded by digital recordings. Made with expired films, these images provide a visual representation of how memory, captured by a mechanical apparatus, is altered by our contemporary society. Our vulnerability to remember is partly caused by the overwhelming flow of images taken daily and shared online. We take pictures all the time, unconsciously losing the ability to capture a souvenir in our mind by relying on the device. Faded memories is a visual encounter of how the development of the digital age has affected our way to memorize.


Aurelie Crisetig (b. 1992) is a Swiss photographer and visual artist. She uses photography as a tool to explore the alteration of human memory in a world overwhelmed by digital entities. Working both with film and digital photography, her works reflect on the constant use of mechanical recordings, especially in public and cultural places.

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