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Office for Context Studies

About the Artwork:

In this series of photographs, we examined the significance of the context. What happens when you take an object and take it out of its familiar context and place it in a totally different and unusual environment? Will it change its perception?

Construction materials are generally perceived just to have a practical function without an aesthetic value on their own. We tried to change our own perception of them by placing the construction materials in the context of the Ikebana - that which was created just to contemplate and appreciate beauty. Just like in a traditional Ikebana, where flowers are withdrawn from their natural realm with the aim to show their eternal beauty or simply depicting their centric state, this series illustrates the flawed and incomplete aesthetic of stand-alone construction materials—something we interact with in our day-to-day life.


Office for Context Studies (OCS) Photograph – Anton Grebentsov Creative/art direction – Katya Sikacheva & Artem Matyushkin Set design – Katya Sikacheva & Milana Kaigorodova Producer – Max Cuzin


The Office for Context Studies (OCS) is based in Moscow explores the importance of context in art and photography. The CONCRETE/POETRY photography series is just a part of a big project coming up that will include an exhibition and art objects.

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