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Joey Aronhalt

About the Artwork:

The “decisive moment” has been a staple in photography for almost a century, but what is before this temporary moment? What happens before you capture, “Life in the Moment of Living?” Only through a theatrical construct can you circumvent this moment and instead reside at a point before the “decisive moment”. This moment is elusive because there is no way to avoid residing in the present, physically at least.

This idea of the pre decisive moment is realized through the exploration of the relationship of space, energy, potential energy, and time that can be created in a natural environment. The concept of the temporary is portrayed through the use of simple colored elements. Each composition takes on its own relationship with its surroundings allowing many individual performative and specific negotiations with the environment to transpire, while each sharing the communality of the surrealistic environment. The disruption and cohesion of natural space, with the insertion of color and form, allows the veil to take on a role more extensive than a simple disruptor, and instead an artifact, sculpture, or sometimes a spacial glitch.


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