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Lucreshia Smith


As I walk everything feels trippy

Feeling the moment slip away

Lost in my thoughts

My emotions feel happy and sad mixed

I zone out and think of how calm I feel.

Going home with a big smile.

Looking at everyone with the good vibes within me.

Sitting outside looking at the beautiful stars.

Hearing the melody in the songs I enjoy.

Mellow feels is how I feel.

Being alone is the best medicine for me.

I don’t have to listen to people yapping, tapping, and whining

Around me.

Relaxing and listening to my own thoughts in my head.



My love for you is like a rose that never dies but only grows.

You make happy inside when I see your cheesy smile.

Can’t explain in words how much you make me feel.

You make me happy when I’m sad.

I never tell you that because I’m scared of being broken inside.

I don’t want to give you all my love because people tell lies that is just how it goes.

Loyalty and trust is all I have can’t afford to give it away to the wrong boy.

Seems like boys lost their dignity that they disrespect every girl they see.

I don’t want to speak bad on guys but that’s just the way I see every guy.

I would trust you if you had shown me your good side. Seems like everyone lost their good side.

People act happy so others won’t question.

We all have sins we just don’t tell them often.

In a world so gray, We all need real happiness to make it great.


Lucreshia Smith is Native American. Her tribe is Dine also known as “The people.” She was born in Chinle, Arizona. She has a small family that lives in her home town in Blanding, Utah. She plays soccer at her school which Is called San Juan High School. She also loves trying new things, getting to know more people, and connecting with other people that are just as weird as she is. She really likes poetry and the meaning is could bring to other people.

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