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Featured Artist Series Ekphrastic Showcase

Audrey An
poem by Daniel Lockeridge

Pear Here, Pear There

27 x 40 x 20 inch
Handbuilt Ceramics, CNC-Milled Plywood, 3D-Printed Rubber, Digital Print on Silk

Audrey An’s creative research revolves around the notion of applying digital technologies to ceramics from the perspective of ‘convergence’, be it cultural, technological, or interdisciplinary. She earned her BFA and Art History Minor from Alfred University, MFA from Penn State University and was a post-baccalaureate student at Colorado State University. Audrey currently resides in Boston, MA, where she is Artist-in-Residence at the Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard.

Daniel Lockeridge is a twenty-nine-year-old Australian who has self-published two collections of poetry and two collections of meditative reminders. His poetry has been published in literary magazines such as The Winged Moon Magazine, Reverie Magazine, Free Verse Revolution, Livina Press and Boats against the Current, among others. He also shares poems and loving reminders on his Instagram page: @danlovepoetry.

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